Why Sponsor a Racquet War Event or Tournament Series?

Racquet War is a well-established and respected, sports events management brand. We organize quality tennis tournaments that are associated with excellence and consistent high standards. Racquet War has a proven track record in the sports events management scene and our name is well positioned in this industry. A corporate sponsor of a Racquet War event or tournament series can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Positive publicity for your organization at live well-attended events, as well as on our website and on our social media channels.
  • Increased brand positioning potential for your organization due to our participant network.
  • Increased brand awareness for your organization due to our participant network and geographical presence.
  • An association with our sort after brand, will give your company a definite boost over your competitors.
  • A return on your investment through increased brand awareness and positioning.
  • Access to market research, we have conducted.
  • Access to insightful data analysis and industry exclusive data.
  • Increased levels of rapport with our participant base.
  • Build and cement your influence in the greater tennis community.
  • Targeted networking opportunities.
  • Increased brand approval, recognition and visibility.
  • Our Ideals

    Racquet War works with corporate sponsors that are aligned to our values and ideals. We are dedicated to serving and building the tennis community. We also provide different sponsorship packages to cater to the different needs of our corporate sponsors. We provide smaller starter packages for small-to-medium enterprises and larger packages for franchises and national organizations. All sponsorship applications are thoroughly vetted and Racquet War reserves the right to deny an application. If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship package options available, the latest events and tournament series that are available for sponsorship or the Racquet War sponsorship application process please contact: info@racquetwar.com