Our Mission

Racquet War was created in 2009 as a company designed to organize and run special events and a competitive tennis tournaments for adults. The company's goal is to coordinate high quality competition and well organized events, while always trying to exceed expectations. Racquet War doesn't just run tournaments the standard way that tournaments are run these days, basically being run by tournament directors who really are just running the tournament because they have too. Racquet War does all the big and little things that make the tournament not just a tournament, but an experience, an event you will look forward to playing in again. Racquet War's entry fees for tournaments, yes are more expensive than other tournaments you normally play in, but that is the difference, our tournaments are anything but normal and after you experience playing in a Racquet War tournament, normalcy will not work for you either. Tennis being a sport of ultimate class, it deserves to be treated as such. Racquet War will bring that class, and at the same time use the newest technologies to enhance all players' tennis playing experiences. Tennis tournament run the "right" way, by actual tennis players.

Our Focus


Our History

Racquet War's first tournament was in 2009 in Memphis, TN and had over 300 entries. In the years that have followed Racquet War has been to cities across the United States running tournaments. Racquet War runs an annual World Team Tennis format tournament at Tunica National the last weekend in January. The indoor 4 court complex is completely sold out with over 150 players playing in the weekend tounament. The rest of the tournaments are all Racquet War's unique Waterfall Tournaments. Developed and created by Racquet War with the tennis players in mind, where every team gets a minimum of 4 matches over the 3-day tournament weekend. Between 200-300 players participate in the Waterfall tournaments creating what is usually the largest Adult tennis tournament in the area for the year. Racquet War expanded it number of cities to 15 in 2018, and plan to continue to grow in 2019.