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World Team Tennis January 2017 - Tunica

Draws and Schedule World Team Tennis is here in January 2017.
  • Adult World Team Tennis Format

  • The best tournament of the year is back at Tunica National. If you missed all the fun and excitement last year, do not miss it this time around. World Team Tennis is excitement, fun, and a competitive format all balled into one.

    The format features co-ed teams competing in five sets - men's and women's doubles, men's and women's singles and mixed doubles. The unique format, available in all levels, includes no-ad scoring, substitution and coaching. Teams have an opportunity to declare their team as a Racquet War World Team Tennis Champion in 2017.

    Registration is now open


    January 27 -29, 2017 - Friday (1st) will start no earlier then 5:30 at night.

    Tentative Schedule

    • Friday – 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
    • Saturday – 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
    • Sunday – 8:00 am – 3:30 pm


    Tunica National Golf and Tennis – Tunica Resorts, MS

    Entry Fee

    $75 per player - Entries close January 20th or when draws fill in each level. Only taking first eight teams that register in each level.

    Player Party

    Saturday night, January 28th – Free Buffet and Keg of Beer (starting at 3:00 pm)


    • Teams are made up of a minimum 4 players, with an unlimited numbers of players allowed to be on a team, but we recommend no more than 6 total.
    • Each team will need at least two males and two females.
    • Teams can have 4 males and 2 females, or 4 females and 2 males, or 3 males and 3 females.
    • Players can be of any level. Your team level is determined by the following formula and example. The average NTRP rating of your TOP two men and your TOP two women is used to determine a team’s level of competition. For example if you have 6 players on your team:

      • Male A = 4.0
      • Male B = 3.5
      • Male C = 3.5
      • Female A = 3.0
      • Female B = 3.5
      • Female C = 4.0

      • Male A and Male B = 7.5
      • Female B and Female C = 7.5
      • Total = 15
      • Divide by 4 = 3.75
      • Round UP to nearest NTRP = 4.0
      • This team would play in the 4.0 division. All team rating round up to the nearest NTRP.

    Player Ratings

    If players register AND pay by December 31st, 2016 they my use their 2016 NTRP rating. If players register after the new year those players most play with current NTRP rating.

    Maximum Teams

    8 max teams per level (3.0,3.5,4.0,4.5) – Sign up as a team or as an individual and we will put you on a team.


    Round Robin which results in each team playing a minimum of 3 matches and possibility of 5 matches over the weekend. A match consists of five no-ad sets, which includes one set of men's and women's singles and doubles, and one set of Mixed doubles.

    Prices and Room Packages

    Gold Strike Casino - $99 per night - 1-888-245-7829 - Use Code - 1701Racket

    Rules and Regulations

    Click here to view Racquet War World Team Tennis Rules & Regulations