Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Charleston, SC - Wild Dunes

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • The best process for checking for the players would be for those staying at the Board Walk Inn to go and check in at the hotel front desk.
    For those staying in condos or houses they will want to go to the welcome center that is in front of the Harbor Pro-Shop.

  • Accommodations are under the name of the person who registered the team or group.
3HO526 Alison Yonkers
3HL38P Amy Bigham
3HL38S Anita Verhaert
3HL38L Brendy Hantzes
3HL38X Brett Caldwell
3HN99U Cari Frank
3HL38V Casey Cassino
3HL376 Diane Schuler
3HL38N Dickie Bland
3HO6YN Ed Gulakowski
3HL36Y Fred Shlesinger
3HL38T Heather Ward
3HL38Q JIll Benson
3HN4OG JoAnn Hedges
3HL378 Joanne Good
3HN4OJ Julie Shuey
3HN4OI Karen Rayda
3HL390 Karen Ricci
3HL38Z Kelly Hite
3HN4OH Kelly Huffstetler
3HL377 Kristi Nault
3HL38M Mary Beth Sultenfuss
3HL38R Niki Russell
3HL38J Pam Stiansen
3HL38Y Stacey Irwin
3HL38O Teneika Funderburk
3HL38W Terri Loney