Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Charleston, SC - Wild Dunes

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • Below is a list of players eligible for the Thursday night clinic. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday and staying at the Resort through Racquet War or have paid extra have added on the clinic. If you would like to attend the clinic you can add it for $25 a person here  Add Clinic. We have three options for the clinic, 4:00-5:00, 5:00-6:00, or 6:00-7:00. Please email us at with your preferred time. We can only take 40 players in each time slot so first come first get. If you name is in the list below you do not need to regsiter or pay for the clinic, all you need to do is pick your time.

  •   4:00 5:00 6:00
    1 Alia Fahlborg Amy Bigham Bart Bergendahl
    2 Andi Dolinsky Amy Hansen Allison Patrick
    3 Andrea Miller Bea McMordie Brett Caldwell
    4 Angie Spensieri Brendy Hantzes Brian Nault
    5 Ann Dahlen Carol Fuerst Casey Cassino
    6 Anne Winter Catherine Combs Chas Green
    7 Beth Silver Connie Christensen Diane Schuler
    8 Britt Farrington Delicia Arnold Ed Gulakowski 
    9 Carol Sterba Denise Ruby Judy Bergendahl
    10 Dawn Rusnak Diana Huling Julie Korsog
    11 Deb Winslow Dickie Bland Kathy Green
    12 Dickie Bland Heather Huling Kristi Nault
    13 Elaine Vukelic Janet Franco Kym Comer
    14 Heather Ward Jennie Morgan Lisa Aboudan
    15 Jade Paunovic Jennifer Casey Pressley Warrick
    16 JIll Benson Joanne Towers Steve Loney
    17 JoAnn Hedges Karen Wilson Terri Loney
    18 Julie Cuneo Kate Nicholson Thomas Schuler
    19 Julie Shuey Kim Tobin Valerie Caldwell Hill
    20 Karen Rayda Lisa Huffman
    21 Karen Ricci Mary Conboy
    22 Kath Cox Mei Ling Davis
    23 Kaylee Schatz Moira Avanzino
    24 Kelly Hite Niki Russell
    25 Kelly Huffstetler Pam Stiansen
    26 Kim Levy Patty Lauritzen
    27 Kim Ruzzier Patty Shepard
    28 Linda Paulsen Paula Lawrence
    29 Lisa Long Shannon Martin
    30 Lynne Grout
    31 Marie Crumpler
    32 Melissa Parry
    33 Meredith Crandall
    34 Nicole Buck
    35 Pam Finigan
    36 Pamela Pitre
    37 Stacie Farr
    38 Susan Cortes
    39 Teri O'Neill
    40 Vanya Robinson