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Waterfall - Fort Lauderdale

12:30 UPDATE

All Draws have been updated with new times for the rest of the day. Please check in 30 minutes early for each. There will not be another update unless more rain comes.

12:00 UPDATE

At 1:00 we will start playing the 11:15 orginally schedule matches. Not all of them, but several. the 12:30 update will have it scheduled out.

11:30 UPDATE

Players, we are in a rain delay. Three courts at noon. The fourth court will be played at 1:15. The rest of the courts are pretty wet and need some time and sun. No other matches will be played before 1:00. We will update this website every 30 mins from this point on until schedule has been adjusted. Hoping to get the 4 matches that were playing when the rain hit back on the courts at noon. There is a very good chance we will be able to catch up on courts as we get more throughout the day. Just continue to monitor the wesbite. Lunch is here now. Next update at 12:00.

Noon Matches

Team A Team B Court #
Mary Pflanz / Barb Wood Diana Sinisi / Maura Binecki 7
JoAnne Lyons / Vickie Gates Ann Coston / Phuong Cotey 8
Jane Vitagliano / Lindsey Burke Susan DeVoe / Kim Wade 10


Brendy Hantzes / Patty Shepard Jill Machovsky / Maki True 9


  • Fort Lauderdale Players,
    Information about the tournament will be updated here on the website. Please check back regularly for new announcements and information. The draws and schedule have been posted below. The times are just estimates, please always show up a minimum of 30 minutes early before you match times. Please make sure and read the Pre Tournament Info and the Fort Lauderdale Itinerary below.