Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Hilton Head, SC

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • Tournament Info

  • Draws and Schedule - The draws and schedule have been posted. As always things could change, but if anything does change with your draw you will be notified by text message.
  • Womens Draw - All teams will play two 8 game no-ad pro sets on Friday. All teams will then play two regular scoring matches on Saturday. All consolation and main draw finals will be played on Sunday morning.
  • Mixed Draw - All teams will play two 8 game no-ad pro sets on Friday. After Friday all teams will be seeded based on their overall record, difference of games won/lost, overall team rating, and coin flip if necessary. The teams will be divided up into 5 different pools with 4 teams in each. All teams will play two matches on Saturday and one match on Sunday.
  • The times listed for the matches are ESTIMATES.  You could play anywhere from 30 mins before to 30 mins after the listed time. We really try to stay right on time if not early with all of our draws, but sometimes mother nature, or long matches affect that. So with that, all players must arrive (and ready to play) a minimum of 20 minutes before their listed start time. As soon as courts are available we will be looking to put matches on the courts. If a court is available and we are within the 20 minutes of your estimated match time and you or your partner are not present we will start the default clock of 15 mins. When you arrive for your matches, just check in with the tournament desk letting us know you and your partner are ready to go. As soon as your opponents are available and we have a court we will get you going.
  • Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes early for your first match so we will have time to get your team pictures taken and go over all the rules prior to matches. It is the player’s responsibility to keep track of their match times. We will be happy to assist, but whatever is on the actual draw boards posted and whatever is posted on our website are the official times.
  • Practice-Warm Up Courts will very rarely be available.
  • With the number of matches needed to be played each day we will be using all courts available to us. With so many matches needed to be played we really need all your help to keep things going. Remember if we get behind on your court it will affect your matches later in the day.
  • Limit your warm up time to 5 mins. Keep your Change over times to 3 mins max play tennis… chit chat after the matches

  • Hilton Head Itinerary

    Thursday 5/16/2019 (some players check in on Wednesday)

  • Check into Palmetto Dunes – Located 4 Queens Folly Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, (877) 460-0027. Accommodations are under the name of the person who registered the team or group. -If someone in their group other than the person who made the registration checks in they will be responsible for distributing the keys, parking pass and supplying a cc for incidentals. There will be a $100 hold on the cc for incidentals that will fall off after check out if they do not use it for incidentals. The address to the welcome center for check in is 4 Queens Folly Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. Our business hours are 8AM to 7PM. Check in time is 4 PM but they can inquire if arriving earlier if their unit may be ready earlier than this. If they arrive after 7 PM they will need to pick up their packet for check in at the Security Pass Office located near us at 16 Queens Folly Road. Unless previously ordered otherwise all units include 1 parking pass. If an additional is needed they will be $20.00.

    Or Check into Marriott Hilton Head – Located One Hotel Circle, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928. Accommodations are under the name of the person who registered the team or group.

  • Player Clinic – Thursday night at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Courts from 5:00-6:00.  
  • Friday 5/17/2019

    • All players should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to matches.  The time schedule is just a guideline, your court could be called up to 30 minutes before the time listed. 
    • Players should check-in before EVERY match all weekend at the tournament desk at the facility your match is scheduled.  Before the first match players will be given a Racquet War Tennis Towel and other items, plus have their team picture taken.
    • Matches start at 10:00 am and run until around 2:00 pm that afternoon.   All matches will be held at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Courts. 
    • Everyone will be on their own for lunch today.
    • Racquet War Veterans Ceremony – at Center Court 2:00-2:15. All the current Racquet War Veterans will be recognized and new members will be presented with their Veteran Cups.
    • Pro AM Event - Racquet War Pro Am; at Center Court 2:15-2:45.
    • Match Point Event and Basket Giveaway – at Center Court 2:45-3:45. All players can team up to partner in both women's and mixed doubles and play a 1 point tournament. Cash prizes available. Lots of fun and cash!
    • Saturday 5/18/2019

    • All Matches start at 9:00 am and run until around 4:00 pm that afternoon.   
    • Lunch will be provided today at the courts
    • Sunday 5/19/2019

    • All Matches start at 9:00 am and run until around 11:30 pm.