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Waterfall 2019 Charleston - Kiawah

Below are printable gate passes for Thursday and Friday.  To reach Villa Registration, from the main gate take your sixth right into East Beach Village. Then take your first left at Villa Resort Town Center. Villa Registration will be on your right.   These directions are printed on the gate passes. Below is a link to their interactive map.  The Resort check in is shown on the map. All units are for the Villa Resort.  Check in 4:30, out 10:30. Villa Guests are welcome to use the pool areas located in Night Heron Park and West Beach.

Gate Pass Feb. 14

Gate Pass Feb. 15

Kiawah Map

R12052D Gail Ford 
R120546 Joann Binkley
R12052E Amy Sellers
R120545 Judy Koenig
R12052C Roland Deville
R12054A Heidi Maglicic
R120548 Edward Chodkowski
R12052F Michael McPhail
R120530 Peter Gibson
R12053A Allison Patrick
R120549 Pam Harris                                           
R120541 Pam Harris                                           
R120533 Lisa Laws
R120544 Jamie Jeon
R120534 Renee Barrett
R120539 Franklyn Scott
R120538 Cathy Barone
R12053C Marie Crumpler
R12053B Teneika Funderburk
R120536 John Ludrof
R120537 Dana Saxton
R120535 Jill Stephens
R120540 Allison Kelly