Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Kiawah, SC

All accommodations are at Kiawah Resort -One Sanctuary Beach Drive, Kiawah Island, SC 29455. Check In Instructions - Drive onto the island you will come to a security gate. Tell the agent that they are checking in as a guest of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort and they will be directed to the Villa Front Desk. This will be the 6th right off of the main parkway onto Sea Forest Drive and then the 1st left after that (the Front Desk is on the right hand side, across the street from the East Beach Conference Center). At the desk you will receive your keys and car passes and will be directed to your villa.

Rooms are in the following players name.

Name CONF#
Abel, Jill R15B3DB
Abhalter, Sharon R1626D7
Ackerman, Jane R15B3CA
Anderson, Tim R1624EE
Arsenault, Mike R1624EF
Bolanovich, Allison R162419
Bowie, Brenda R15B3D8
Bull, Cindy R15B3E0
Butcher, Brandt R1624FC
Cheng, Kate R15B3DC
Davis, Stephanie R15B3C4
Dukes, Lynn R15B3E1
Fitzgerald, Laurene R1624F4
Fuller, Sharon R15B3C6
George, Arianne R1624F0
Guinn, Laura R15B3C3
Gworek, Jean R15B3C8
Harris, Pam R162418
Himelman, Marie R15B3D5
Howe, Amy R1624F6
Howell, Jackie R15B3D3
Hulsey, Chris R162417
Kanev, Leo R1624FB
Kline, Torrie R15B3DD
Kulich, Jaclyn R15B3D7
Kunkel, Jill R1624F5
Maher, Nancy R15B3DA
Matthews, Chrissa R15B3D9
Mc Abee, Cristy R1624F3
Moodie, Pat R15B3C9
Nelson, Michelle R1624F1
Newsome, Linda R15B3DE
Ostrander, Allison R1624F2
Perko, Amy R15B3C7
Raymond, Jenifer R15B3C2
Sharpe, Louise R1624ED
Talsania, Kris R15B3C5
Underwood, Yarisbel R15B3CB
Vinson, Cody R15B3DF
Warrick, Pressley R16241A
Whitcomb, Beth R15B3D6
Young, Kim R15B3D4