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Waterfall - Kiawah, SC

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • Players, the draws and schedule have been updated. We do have a few defaults and changes to a few teams that we will be making adjustments to in the next hour. But we will contact you directly if these defaults affect you. Due to needing to play 5 matches in two days for most players we are going to have to play 8 game pro set no-ad for all matches the rest of the weekend. We will still be running the Match Point events at 5:00 Saturday afternoon on center court. Everyone have a great rest of the day and we will see you in the morning.
  • Players, sadly with the rain overnight and the forecast for rain to continue until later in the afternoon, we are going to take the day off Friday and crank things up on Saturday. The weather for the rest of the weekend looks great! We will update the schedule and post by noon today.
  • The Information about the tournament will be updated here on the website. Please check back regularly for new announcements and information. The draws and schedule have been posted below. Times are estimates only, always arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled matchtime. Please read the Tounament Itinerary below.


Info and Tournament Intinerary

  • Women's Bracket A Draw and Schedule (7.5-9.0 Teams)

    Women's Bracket B Draw and Schedule (5.0-7.0 Teams)

    Mixed A Draw and Schedule (7.5 - 9.0)

    Mixed Bracket B Draw and Schedule (6.0 - 7.5 Teams)