Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Orlando, FL

The clinic link below is a list of players eligible for the Thursday night clinic. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday and have accommodations through Racquet War or have paid extra have added on the clinic. We have two options for the clinic, 4:00 or 5:00. Please email us at with your preferred time. We can only take 24 players in each time slot.

  • Eligible For Clinic
    Alexandra Rudzinski
    Allison  Patrick 
    Anne Woods
    Dave Korus
    Hether Enzor
    Barbara  Romano-Sheets
    Erin Berg
    Kay Zobrist
    Barry Herman
    Heather MacFadyen
    Pressley Warrick
    Brandt Butcher
    Heidi Nyquist
    Torrie Kline
    Cindy Keegan
    Jane Ackerman
    Claudia Gavin
    Jimmy Marston 
    Denise Earnhardt
    Joann Binkley
    Elizabeth Barnes
    Joanne Law
    Heather Herman
    Johnnie  Marston 
    Jane Miller
    Julie Nance
    Jeanie Martin
    Kathi Rissberger
    Jessica Butcher
    Kim Dyer
    Jill Abel
    Lynn Henricks
    Kellee Dicks
    Maria Hirsch
    Laura Laabs
    Mary  Christensen
    Lynn Pearson
    Matthew Hemry
    Marie Sokoloff
    Michelle Sexton
    Marla Rosin-Borrousch
    Monaliza Onia
    Meg Golden
    Norma Zitnik
    Michael Johnson
    Nury Steiner
    Sally Flynn
    Riya Cao
    Susan Kalbach
    Silvia Parra
    Tiffany Washington
    Stacy Girdley
    Suzanne Yu
    Tracy Libby
    Tricia  VanLoo
    Victoria Perity
    Yumiko Farrell