Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall Palm Coast 2018 - Draws and Schedule

The most awaited event of the season is here.
  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • All Players who reserved their reservations through Racquet War get a free Party Ticket. Below is a list of players who are on the Friday night party list. If you will not be attending the Friday night party, please let us know by emailing at If you would like to attend the party or buy an extra ticket for someone you can add the party for $30 person. Party

    Allison Krzyminski Kathi Thomas
    Angie Thetford Katie Deering
    Annabelle Matias Kendall Taylor
    Ashley Brockman Lani Baruch
    Carol Chaffin Larry Keiner
    Carol Gardner Laura West
    Carol Sterba Linda Valinho
    Cathy Davis Linda Wilson
    Cathy Kuzma Lisa Conicella
    Cathy McQuade Lynn Pilato
    Courtney Snoap Margaret Radford 
    Dana Loeb Michele Flickinger
    David Cowden Mike Boger
    Debbie Hutchinson Nancy Currea
    Dee Ann Shaffer Nancy DiSalle
    Diane Boger Nelle Vermeulen
    Diane Stone Pamela Cowden
    Dickie Bland (2) Penny Dollar
    Ellen Dyal Robert Kopchains
    Gigi Mulhern Roslyn Fechtel
    Ginger VanderHeyden Scott Gardner
    Jan Keiner Sheri Carryl
    Jessica Ryals Susanna Kopchains
    Jill Benson Tammy Oswald
    Julie Shapiro Todd Alvarez
    Julieann Campbell Virginia May
    Karyn Gualtieri