Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • The clinic link below is a list of players eligible for the Thursday night clinic. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday and staying at the Resort through Racquet War or have paid extra have added on the clinic. If you would like to attend the clinic you can add it for $25 a person here  Add Clinic. We have three options for the clinic, 4:00-5:00, 5:00-6:00, or 6:00-7:00. Please email us at with your preferred time. We can only take 40 players in each time slot.

  • 4:00-5:00
    Andrea Goldfien
    Amy Gonte
    Alison St. Sure
    Barbara Jacobs
    Andrew Mintz
    Allison Skinner
    Bill Speitel
    Brandon Darnell
    Alyson Aiello
    Christie Reed
    Chris Choye
    Amy Palmaffy
    Christina Ryan
    Denise Leard
    Angela Downs
    Christy Field
    Dennis McNichols
    Annette Kizy
    Claire Griffin
    Dianne Dalton
    Becky McCarthy
    Damian Marshall
    Donna Aquino
    Bernadette Straatsma
    Debbie Marshall
    Donna Mintz
    Cindy Lestrange
    Deborah Singer
    Elizabeth Hall
    Claudia Mejuto
    Donna Neece
    Kim Loughead
    Diane Lazaga
    Freya Gray
    Lisa Lyons
    Eileen Benson
    Indu Tursa
    Michelle Dallal
    Eliza  DeNitto
    Jamie Papadimos
    Michelle Nicholson
    Ellen Abate
    Janet Coleman
    Mindy Schiffman
    Eric Ryan
    Janet Pollish
    Pam Ricci
    Erin Chamberlin
    Jo Bailin
    Pat Moodie
    Gwen  Tran
    Joanne Hasbrook
    Patty Burgess
    Howie Blitstein
    Joy Page
    Rick Bradley
    Irene Stoel
    Judah Kuper
    Sharon Langtry
    Jen Traeger
    Julie Varon
    Shirley Landers
    Jenn Hatch
    Karen Berky
    Stephanie Blanchard
    Jorge Perazzo
    Kathy McArthur
    Steve Lyons
    Julia Scott
    Laurie Adams
    Sue Sheehan
    Julie Boncher
    Lois Wilco-Owens
    Victoria Leong-Ping
    Kendal  Burrell
    Mark Singer
    Kiwi Clarkson
    Michael  Neece
    Lisa Szabo
    Norma Brewer
    Liz Notti
    Osa Zwick
    Mara Zeldin
    Pam Speitel
    Marcelo Cena
    Rosemary Turner
    Michelle Nardone
    Shera Myers
    Michelle Seagraves
    Sheri Olson
    Peggy Ann Perazzo
    Sherri Nickerson
    Shannon O'Toole
    Sofia Carpenter
    Teresa Ness
    Trisha Holly
    Veronica Clarkson