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Waterfall Palm Springs 2018 - Draws and Schedule

The most awaited event of the season is here.
  • Adult Waterfall Format

  • Palm Springs Players,

    • Draws and Schedule - The draws and schedule have been posted. As always things could change, but if anything does change with your draw you will be notified by text message.
    • Women's Draw Info - All teams will play two 8 game no-ad pro sets on Friday. Due to the uneven number of women's doubles teams, 8 teams will be playing their first round match of their bracket on Friday afternoon after their two pro sets. If you bracket feeds out to B or C, you will have a 3rd match Friday afternoon around 1:00. That will give a few of you 3 matches in the day, with two of them only being 8 game no-ad pro sets. On Saturday there is a potential for 4 teams who lose their first match on Saturday to have a total of three on Saturday. We apoligize for this but when we have uneven draws it forces us to do so. All semis and finals will be played on Sunday.
    • Mixed Draw Info - All teams will play two 8 game no-ad pro sets on Friday and then two regular scoring matches on Saturday. All finals will be played on Sunday morning.
    • The times listed for the matches are ESTIMATES. You could play anywhere from 30 mins before to 30 mins after the listed time. We really try to stay right on time if not early with all of our draws, but sometimes mother nature, or long matches affect that. So with that, all players must arrive (and ready to play) a minimum of 20 minutes before their listed start time. As soon as courts are available we will be looking to put matches on the courts. If a court is available and we are within the 20 minutes of your estimated match time and you or your partner are not present we will start the default clock of 15 mins. When you arrive for your matches, just check in with the tournament desk letting us know you and your partner are ready to go. As soon as your opponents are available and we have a court we will get you going.
    • Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes early for your first match so we will have time to get your team pictures taken and go over all the rules prior to matches. It is the player’s responsibility to keep track of their match times. We will be happy to assist, but whatever is on the actual draw boards posted and whatever is posted on our website are the official times.
    • Practice-Warm Up Courts will very rarely be available.
    • With the number of matches needed to be played each day we will be using all courts available to us. With so many matches needed to be played we really need all your help to keep things going. Remember if we get behind on your court it will affect your matches later in the day.
    • Limit your warm up time to 5 mins. Keep your Change over times to 3 mins max play tennis… chit chat after the matches
    • Lunch will be provided for you on Saturday. We will be taking your order for lunch at check-in on Friday.
    • Friday Night Party - All players who are staying at the resort or who paid extra for the players party will be on the party list. The party will be at Country Club right next to the courts. They will have a cash bar, a live band. It should be a fun exciting night. If you are not staying at the resort and did not already purchase tickets to the Party you can do so hereFriday Night Party