Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults

Waterfall - Kiawah, SC

  • Adult Waterfall Format

    The clinic link below is a list of players eligible for the Thursday night clinic. To be eligible you should be arriving on Thursday and staying at the Resort through Racquet War or have paid extra have added on the clinic. If you would like to attend the clinic you can add it for $25 a person here  Add Clinic. We have three options for the clinic, 4:00-5:00, 5:00-6:00, or 6:00-7:00. Please email us at with your preferred time. We can only take 32 players in each time slot.

  • Eligible For Clinic 4:00 5:00 6:00
    Ann Gudin Beth Donnelly Angie Rardin Allison Patrick
    Ashley Bowels Candy Rose cindy hart Amy Jacoby
    Brad Guengerich Carol Diamond Heidi Maglicic Anitra Griffin
    Brandon Rader Christie Ginter Jenn Moore Christie Stephenson
    Catherine Jacobs Elizabeth Harris Jennifer Favors Cindy Bull
    Catherine Watkins Gretchen Hildner Jodi Schreiber Denise Kizy
    Chloe Rader Janet Hunt Kim Robertson Donna Rivers
    Christina Peterson Jennifer White Kipsy Gould Dottie Mattern
    Cindy Woody Jill Wolf Margaret Baxter Hether Enzor
    Cynthia Spera Kelly Milligan Mary Decker Jennifer Hudgens
    Debbie Bucca Kerry Plum Pam Harris Jennifer Nelson
    Denise Weeks Kristen Unterberg Russ Moore Kay Zobrist
    Diane Cord Linda Lewis Sandy Shapiro Lynn Bechtel
    Dominic Bucca Lisa Hill Sue Steinman Nancy Rudman
    Eric Minemier Lyn Boyd terri mccormack Pressley Warwick
    Franklin William Marjie Graham Vicki Boudro Robert Thomas
    Greg Cherry Marty Van Dam   Shay Hughey
    Jamie Lanzi Nancy Pryately    
    John Cowan Shaun Ginter    
    Jordan Voight Stephanie Augenstein    
    Kari Dodak Stephanie McKay    
    Kari McGregor susan cheney    
    Kelly Mason Tami DeGrosky    
    Kimber Wiggins Taylor White    
    Lee Page      
    Leslie Ramshaw      
    Mandy Lane      
    Marcie Cherry      
    Marie Cowan      
    Marlene Fricano      
    Mike Mason      
    Mike Wiggins      
    Ross Hudgins      
    Roy Johnson      
    Ruth Jones Looney      
    Steve Woody