Offering Competitive Tennis Tournaments for Adults
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Racquet War Tournament Series

Racquet War Tournament Series Coming in Late 2017 and 2018 to a City Near You
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    Our dream at Racquet War, has always been to build an Adult tournament series across the United States. With the hard work and dedication of several people, we are very proud to say that our dreams have come true, as Racquet War will be rolling out a nationwide adult tournament series in over 29 cities in late 2017 and throughout 2018.
    We will offer Men's, Women’s, and Mixed double draws for players of all levels. The Racquet War tournament format is one of the things that makes our tournament unique. Racquet War developed a tournament format where everyone is guaranteed a minimum of 4 matches, some teams will play up to 8 matches over the three-day tennis weekend. The tennis is just one part of the Racquet War Tournament experience. We at Racquet War believe the social part of the game is just as important as the actual tennis on the courts. Racquet War will make sure and provide this social aspect to all our events. The tournament format plus the social aspect makes for a tennis packed weekend of fun for all players.

    Local Tournaments

    Racquet War currently has 28 local tournaments from the end of 2017-2018. Anyone from anywhere is eligible to play in these local tournaments. Players/doubles teams maybe even participate in multiple local tournaments in the same regions or different region completely. A list of the 29 local sites are on the Tournament Schedule page Series Tournament Schedule.

    Advancement to Regionals/Nationals

    In the local tournaments each draw, Women's, Men's, and Mixed will advance a minimum 10 teams to five different regionals across the United States. Each of the Regionals will then also advance a minimum of 10 teams to the Racquet War National Championship in Las Vegas. Below is specifically how teams advance.

    Based on a minimum of 32 doubles teams in draws: Each draw will be divided into 4 different divisions based on the results of their first two matches of the tournament.

    • Division I (winners of both of their first two matches) - Final 4 teams Advance
    • Division II (winners of of first, loser of second match) - Final 3 teams Advance
    • Division III (losers of of first, winner of second match) - Final 2 teams Advance
    • Division IV (losers of both of their first two matches) - Champion team Advance


    All teams advancing to Regional or Nationals will be required to secure the spot within one week after their local tournament with a deposit of $50. A payment link will be sent to players the Monday after their local event. Accommodation packages will be available to players as well, but not required within one week or even at all. The regional schedule will be posted by the end of July 2017. The Nationals date is December 7-9, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

    Tournament Entry Fees

    Racquet War provides great value for your money. Our tournaments are well-organized, structured and run with 100% efficiency. For your $160 per player entry you receive a minimum of 4 matches and most get 5-7 matches over the 3-day weekend. A Thursday night clinic, a Friday night players Party are also included! How much would that cost you on normal basis? You receive the treasured Racquet War Tennis towel, a free lunch, snacks, water, Gatorade all weekend long, and other items. Playing in a Racquet War event is not just playing in a tennis tournament, it is an EXPERIENCE. An experience that all tennis players should take part in.

    Racquet War Rankings

    All players who particiapte in Racquet War Tournament Series events will be given points based on their Finish in the event. Point values will be posted online when the tournament draws are posted. Doubles teams will be ranked Nationally and Regionally and be divided by Divisional Levels. Regional and National matches only count towards Overall Rankings.