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We have discovered some of the best resorts for a vacation centered around tennis, friendships, and fun. No place is too close or too far. We are even international! Bahamas and Cancun are proving to top the list of favorites. Amelia Island, FL and Palm Springs, CA still remain the most beloved.

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Racquet War was first started in 2009 by Oakley Foy and Robin Barringer. The first destination tournaments were held once a year at the Saddlebrook Resort, just outside of Tampa, FL. Over the next couple of years, Racquet War tried many different formats, including NTRP division, age divisions, World Team Tennis, and even prize money events, in all different cities like Houston and Atlanta.Everything was “kind of” successful already, but they took off when Oakley developed the Waterfall Bracket format which is still in use today. It was developed with the players in mind, allowing anyone to play with anyone; their NTRP’s didn’t matter anymore. 

Only offering draws in Women’s and Mixed Doubles and not by divisions, so the draws ALWAYS make, players didn’t have to worry about being forced to play up or down because there weren’t enough people in their division. And finally, all teams were guaranteed a minimum of four matches over the weekend.  Racquet War took a chance and moved its one successful event in Saddlebrook to Amelia Island, FL in 2013. This move seemed to light a fuse and after three years of increasing numbers in Amelia Island, in 2016, Racquet War expanded its schedule to Palm Springs, CA. 

In 2017 things continued to expand with the addition of the Wild Dunes Resort just outside of Charleston, SC. After such success, Racquet War decided to go all in and scheduled 12 different locations in 2018, including San Diego, Kiawah, Scottsdale, Hilton Head, and Wintergreen, VA.  Entering 2022, there have been over 5,000 unique Racquet War players, and over 500 of those players have played in 5 or more events. Racquet War also added an Allegiance Cup event in the Bahamas to reward those players who acquired enough points over the year in 2022. The history of Racquet War continues to be added to on a yearly basis, with not only a lot of great memories, but a ton of great friendships.

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