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Join our well-organized tournament at beautiful resorts. Experience the fun, creating lasting memories. Play with your favorite person regardless of their rating!

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Why we exist

Our Tournaments offer

We exist to provide you with a well-organized, exciting tournament-style environment to enjoy the sport you love in some of the most beautiful places around the country and surrounding travel destinations.

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Competition for All Levels

All levels from 2.5-5.0 can participate. Enjoy the perfect environment, whether you're interested in the highest competition, or just looking for a great time!

Exclusive Resorts & Destinations

You'll get great rates at amazing resorts and destinations - a perfect setting for a tennis weekend getaway

Efficient, Organized & Available

We're always available to answer your questions or help you get registered. Tournaments always run on time.

Fun, Friendly & Exciting

Win or Lose, you will be planning your next Racquet War Event!

Our History

Tennis without borders.

We have discovered some of the best resorts for a vacation centered around tennis, friendships, and fun. No place is too close or too far. We are even international! Bahamas and Cancun are proving to top the list of favorites. Amelia Island, FL, and Palm Springs, CA still remain the most beloved.

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The perfect tennis getaway whether you are international or stateside.

Why choose us

#1 Adult Recreational Tournament Provider

Averaging 40% returning players and 60% new players at each event.

2024 Wintergreen, VA
26 - 28

Common Questions.

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No, we have plenty of local players who do not need accommodations. The entry fee for just playing in the tournament varies from city to city but the clinic and party can be added on.

Depends on the draw and the number of teams entered. We typically like for everyone to get a minimum of 2 matches on both Friday and Saturday and then the semifinals and finals take place on Sunday. Sometimes with larger draws, teams will have/get to play a 3rd match on Friday or Saturday as well. No matter what, a minimum of 4 matches will be scheduled for all teams over the weekend, and some teams could play up to 6 or 7 total.

Matches will for sure start at 8:00 AM on Friday morning and everyone will most likely have their first match by noon on Friday. If you live close enough to drive in on Friday morning then that will work, otherwise I would plan to arrive Thursday night. About 80% of our players staying at the resort do come in on Thursday and stay for 3 nights.

All packages includes all accommodations, resort fees, tournament registration fees, Friday night party event and ALL taxes.

No. With a minimum of 4 matches in each event, and a possibly 7 matches in one event it could end up being 13-14 matches over a 3 day period.

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