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No, we have plenty of local players who do not need accommodations. The entry fee for just playing in the tournament varies from city to city but the clinic and party can be added on.

Depends on the draw and the number of teams entered. We typically like for everyone to get a minimum of 2 matches on both Friday and Saturday and then the semifinals and finals take place on Sunday. Sometimes with larger draws, teams will have/get to play a 3rd match on Friday or Saturday as well. No matter what, a minimum of 4 matches will be scheduled for all teams over the weekend, and some teams could play up to 6 or 7 total.

All players are required to play both waterfall matches on Friday (Thursday Bahamas) to be able to continue the rest of the weekend.  Matches will for sure start at 8:00 AM on Friday morning and everyone will most likely have their first match by 10:00 am on Friday. If you live close enough to drive in on Friday morning then that will work, otherwise you should plan to arrive Thursday night. About 80% of our players staying at the resort do come in on Thursday and stay for 3 nights.

All packages includes all accommodations, resort fees, tournament registration fees, Friday night party event and ALL taxes.

No. With a minimum of 4 matches in each event, and a possibly 7 matches in one event it could end up being 13-14 matches over a 3 day period.

No. Racquet War provides all balls needed throughout the tournament.

No. We do not have an affiliation with USTA.

Not your USTA rating, but the results will affect your Racquet War ranking.

All levels from 2.5 up to 5.5

All teams are made up of just two people. You and your partner will play all your matches together all weekend long. One of the best part of Racquet War’s waterfall format is the ability for players to partner up with anyone at any level. For example, if you have a NTRP USTA 3.5 rating and want to play with a good friend of your who has a NTRP USTA 4.5 rating you can do so. The format (described below) of the tournament ends up putting you and your partner in the correct bracket for your level. So while we do collect your NTRP rating, it doesn’t matter whatsoever in who your partner is.

No, not by age or skill level, the results of your first to matches put you in the correct draw. All teams will start out in a waterfall bracket. In the waterfall bracket, all teams will play two 8 game no ad pro sets to determine each doubles team competitive levels. After the two rounds of 8 game pro sets each team will play a minimum of two regular scoring matches with a tiebreaker used as a 3rd set if needed. With this unique format, players do not have to worry about NTRP rating whatsoever and can partner up with whoever they wish, and the double teams end up playing against other double teams of similar skill in their final bracket.

No, Your partner can be anyone at any level.

No, We only offer doubles.

Our tournaments fill up quickly. When you register and it says WAITLIST ONLY, this means you are paying to keep a spot on our WAITLIST. You are NOT guaranteed a spot in the tournament. You will be fully refunded if you do not get into the tournament. You can email us at to inquire about your status on our waitlist or any other questions.

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